Popular Mechanics (USA)



Price: $1,599 (Queen)

Return Policy: 100 nights (includes shipping) Warranty: 10 years

The Purple uses a cushy polymer grid under your body that makes this the softest-feeling mattress we tested. It’s rigid when the material is vertical, but gives easily when bent, allowing your body to sink in a bit where it needs to while supporting you elsewhere. That, says Purple, helps keep your spine in ideal alignment. “There’s a definite softness to the grid, which you feel when you press down or first lie down to sleep,” said our tester. “But I felt like my body was supported head to toe.” The grid leaves plenty of room for air to move, making it cooler than some other memory-foam options. The mattress also impressed with its high-quality constructi­on. It’s heavy and thick, with sturdy seams. Overall, it’s a great option for anyone who wants a softer-feeling foam mattress.

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