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Lumos Ultra MIPS Bike Helmet $200


This innovative bike helmet reimagines safety.

Helmet safety technology is more affordable and arguably better than ever. But nothing’s going to keep you safer than avoiding a bad spill in the first place. When I’m riding on the road, that means lighting up my bike so cars know I’m there. The new Ultra does the same for my head.

The MIPS-equipped commuter helmet is studded with 30 small LEDs on the front that shine up to 284 lumens. The 64 additional rear lights further increase your visibility. I’ve managed to make it more than a week without pulling out the charger, but battery life depends on your settings. Clicking the power button at the back cycles through two flashing and one solid preset modes. But after connecting to the Lumos app, I slightly lowered the brightness, slowed down one of the flash patterns, and reordered the modes so that the solid beam comes first. The Lumos Helmet app also provides controls for the rear turn signals, but I preferred using the Lumos Remote. This $25 add-on installs on your handlebar and lets you activate the automatic brake lights, too.

At 14 ounces, the Ultra is on the heavier side. But my main quibble is with the fit. It took several adjustment­s before I found a comfortabl­y secure position. Even now, it’s not the best-fitting helmet I’ve tested. But it’s good enough that I feel protected, especially with the lights on. As the days grow shorter, the Ultra is exactly what I want to wear on my rides.—Adrienne Donica

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