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OB­SES­SION IS A LOVE OF DEC­I­MAL POINTS. MI­NUS­CULE mea­sure­ments can make all the dif­fer­ence with per­snick­ety pro­cesses like hang­ing a per­fectly level pic­ture, bak­ing a Pin­ter­est-wor­thy batch of cook­ies, or craft­ing a mas­ter­ful cuppa joe. These dig­i­tal tools can pre­cisely per­ceive the tiny in­cre­ments that can turn a merely good re­sult into a truly great one.

1 Weight

A sprin­kle of ex­cess bak­ing pow­der can ruin your con­fec­tions, but the Amer­i­can Weigh AMW-SC-2KG dig­i­tal scale uses strain gauges to me­ter in­gre­di­ents—or any­thing else you can fit on its 4-inch steel tray— down to 0.01 ounce.

2 Color

Film, pho­tos, and video games de­serve ac­cu­rate color. The Dat­a­color Spy­der5PRO em­ploys a light sen­sor called a col­orime­ter with seven built-in fil­ters to de­tect changes in hue and bright­ness scarcely per­cep­ti­ble to your eye.

3 Tem­per­a­ture

Poke its 4.5-inch stain­less-steel probe into a vat of home­brew for two sec­onds, and the Javelin PRO Duo will in­di­cate tem­per­a­ture to a tenth of a de­gree, with a mar­gin of er­ror just un­der 1 de­gree Fahren­heit.

4 Size

Turn the thumb­wheels on the Star­rett EC799A12/300 elec­tronic caliper to get a read, down to 0.0015 inch, of any­thing be­tween its jaws. Minute changes in elec­tri­cal charge be­tween two slid­ing plates map to lengths up to 1 foot.

5 Dis­tance

The Ex­tech DT40M laser dis­tance me­ter re­places your floppy tape mea­sure with a con­cen­trated beam of light. An­a­lyz­ing the laser’s re­flec­tion al­lows it to quan­tify dis­tances be­tween 2 inches and

131 feet within 0.08 inch.

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