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1 In your up­stairs bed­room

Smoke and flames can block safe se­cond-floor egress, mak­ing a win­dow your best way out. The 13-foot Kidde Fire Es­cape Lad­der hooks over a sill. Its flamere­sis­tant ny­lon web­bing and anti-slip steel rungs sup­port an en­tire fam­ily: up to 1,000 pounds.

2 In your car

If your ride skids into a lake or flips over, you’ll want a LifeHam­mer nearby. One end of the roughly 7-inch-long tool is a dou­ble-sided ham­mer for break­ing tem­pered win­dow glass (lam­i­nated wind­shields are harder to smash). The butt houses a ra­zor to slice jammed seat belts.

3 In your bag

Get lost in the wild, and you’ll quickly re­al­ize how fee­ble your cries for help sound. The light­weight poly­mer Hyper­Whis­tle emits a blast as loud as a jet en­gine: up to 142 deci­bels. The scream can travel up to 2 miles, and is so loud that it phys­i­cally hurts—use­ful for scar­ing off mug­gers.

4 In your camp

Sur­vival ex­perts say pep­per spray gives you a bet­ter chance of es­cap­ing an in­ter­ac­tion with a griz­zly bear than a firearm does. A 9-ounce can of Guard Alaska will blast a 20-foot cloud of pain con­tain­ing 1.34 per­cent cap­saicin, the chem­i­cal that gives hot pep­pers their spice.

5 In your wal­let

Each stain­less-steel Hostage Es­cape Card has six pop-out tools, weighs just 0.4 ounces, and fits neatly in your wal­let.

Use the rake and ten­sion wrench to pick locks, the saw to cut zip ties, and the shim for pop­ping cuffs—the card comes with a prac­tice pair—or do­ing party tricks.

IN AN IDEAL WORLD, EV­ERY­ONE WOULD WALK AROUND WITH a Bat­man-style util­ity belt. When peril presents it­self, we’d have grap­pling hooks, smoke screens, or what­ever giz­mos nec­es­sary to POW! our way to safety. Su­per­hero at­tire prob­a­bly won’t come into vogue any­time soon, but at least you can stash these in­stru­ments where you might need them most. 1 5 2 3 4

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