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This isn’t the yo-yo you grew up playing with


THE CHEAP YO-YOS OF YOUR youth spun simple physics into fun. Fling down the plastic body, then snap it back up with a gentle tug on the string. Or let it sleep and roll along the floor to “walk the dog” before calling it home.

Competitio­n-grade models, such as YoYoFactor­y’s Shutter Wide Angle, are less obedient but can do more. Much of the weight in the aluminum-and-steel bauble lies in the thick outer rims, so pros can hit up to 16,000 revolution­s per minute. To retract it, a player has to pull off a technique called the “bind,” snagging the string on silicone pads at the core. That maneuver sets the stage for tricks like “man on the flying trapeze,” where the yo-yo flies up and over, balances delicately on its tether, and whirls for a few precious seconds.

 ?? photograph­s by JARREN VINK ??
photograph­s by JARREN VINK
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