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When publisher Simon & Schuster released its first volume, The Cross Word Puzzle Book, in 1924, the 3,600-copy run sold out. Its success cemented crosswords’ place in popular culture. The New York Times Today, variations from and other outlets test the vocabulari­es of millions of pencil-toting fanatics.


1. Happy colleague 4. War horse 11. El ___ 14. “Eureka!” 15. Media critic Ken 16. Suffix with Capri 17. Ostensible duration of a famous waltz in D-flat maj. 18. Charles Dawson’s find in Sheffield Park, reported in London on December 18, 1912 20. Sinks in a pool 22. With every hair in place 23. Letter accompanie­r: abbr. 24. They may amend xword clues 27. Entertainm­ent industry father Joel or daughter Jennifer 28. Scientific field that encompasse­s studies of 18-Across, among others 32. “That’s good enough for me” 33. Sioux shoes, informally 34. Informal e-mail salutation­s 37. Fall (over) 38. Entertainm­ent industry father John or daughter Bonnie 40. Pepper profferer’s prop 41. Armageddon 42. “Hurry up!” 43. Go by 45. Key component of 18-Across 47. Mute nymph who was in love with Narcissus 49. Forever and a day 50. Harrods’ head 51. Reunion attendees 53. Like Porky, but not Petunia 57. What 18-Across was once hypothesiz­ed to represent an exemplar of 60. Prefix with con or classical 61. Bat wood 62. Gist 63. “La-la” lead-in 64. What Willie Mays may have said? 65. By or grand follower 66. A podcast about impolite conversati­on topics: “Death, ___, and Money”


1. Like many a dungeon 2. Battlegrou­nd state in recent presidenti­al elections 3. Did not renew 4. Hyannis Port locale joueurs 5. Number of in a 31-Down 6. Ready to go 7. On Soc. Sec. 8. Protected by the mfr. 9. ___ jacket 10. Bodybuilde­r’s breakfast, maybe 11. Monte Cristo title 12. European country containing two of the smallest countries in the world 13. Withhold from 19. ___ a one 21. Toll 25. Tenor who sang baritone until 1959 and again since 2009 26. The Simpsons Position for 28. Position for Louganis 29. Egyptian solar deity 30. Bellini’s title priestess who sings “Casta diva” 31. Expensive wedding band 34. These structures divide the human body approximat­ely in half, top to bottom 35. Character who says “Play it, Sam” 36. Plethora 39. Rook’s starting place 40. Lord’s lodgings 42. Political pals 44. A.C. Green was one 45. Resistance units 46. Set free 47. Dedicatee of a piano classic 48. Hardly hard 51. Nanjing nanny 52. Philadelph­ia’s Franklin ___: abbr. 54. Starting point for many a fairy tale 55. All dried out 56. What 18-Across is now believed to represent an examplar of 58. Govt. property overseer 59. Cariou of Broadway’s Sweeney Todd

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