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A snoop to glimpse nocturnal animal neighbors


1 Find a good perch

To mount the 8-inchtall device, hang it by its nylon strap some 3 feet off the ground, giving the wide-angle lens an ideal perspectiv­e. The AA batteries will provide power 24/7 for around 12 weeks.

2 Wait for evening

When an onboard infrared sensor detects motion within 80 feet and a temperatur­e warmer than the air, it activates a night-vision camera. It then shoots video or 16-megapixel photo bursts.

3 Check your phone

A pair of cellular antennas uploads the files to cloudbased storage software. An algorithm automatica­lly tags them by season, moon cycle, and subject—like turkeys, bucks, or does.

AFTER DARK, YOUR BACKYARD COULD transform into a buffet for elusive critters like foxes, owls, and even black bears. Whether your home is near suburban woods or a swampy jungle, a Moultrie XA-6000 camera will capture the evidence in HD. The gadget links with a phone app that’ll let you know when something is afoot. Here’s what’s going on under its weather-resistant shell.

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