A New Tool Cabi­net

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“The cabi­net would be an or­na­ment to any man­ual train­ing school. The cor­ners of the cabi­net are re­in­forced with steel, and the ar­range­ment of tools con­ve­nient. The cabi­net con­tains two saws, steel ham­mer, Bai­ley Jack and block and rab­bit planes, rule, two chis­els, two gouges, screw-driver, bit brace and auger bits, two gim­let bits, screw driver bit, coun­ter­sink, mark­ing gauge, spoke shave, brad awl, nail set, try square, bevel, half round file, oil stone, oil can, com­bi­na­tion pli­ers, glue, and boxes of as­sorted brads and screws. It is so con­structed that the cover is light, and the cabi­net will not fall if rest­ing in a very small space. The heavy lift­ing han­dle on top is bolted on the un­der side so that the cabi­net can eas­ily be car­ried from one place to an­other. It locks with a level lock and flat key. Chan­dler and Bar­ber, 15 and 17 Eliot Street, Bos­ton Mass.”

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