Mor­tise & Tenons for the Ta­ble Base

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8 When you’re lay­ing out mor­tises on a set of ta­ble legs, it’s very easy to mark a mor­tise on the wrong face of one or more of the legs. To avoid that prob­lem, af­ter I’ve pen­cil-marked the mor­tises but be­fore I knife-mark them, I bring the pen­cil-marked legs to­gether in the align­ment they will have in the fin­ished ta­ble, and check to see that ev­ery­thing is the way it should be.

9 Af­ter strug­gling for many years to hold a me­tal rule in ex­actly the right po­si­tion for knife-mark­ing mor­tises, some­thing kicked my brain into gear. I pur­chased a sup­ply of 6" me­tal rulers and at­tached wood fences to them that rep­re­sented the in­side and out­side edges of each mor­tise. This makes mor­tise lay­out nearly id­iot proof. You sim­ply press the fence against the work and move your mark­ing knife along the edge of the ruler.

10 Mark the out­side edge of the apron mor­tises. No­tice the wider fenced ruler on the bench be­side me. That will be used to mark the in­side edges of those mor­tises.

11 I com­pleted the knife mark­ing us­ing a tri-square to align the knife for cross­grain marks.

12 Here you can see how clean and ac­cu­rate the knife marks are.

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