Fin­ish­ing Ply­wood

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When choos­ing a ply­wood fin­ish be aware that ply­wood can raise its grain se­verely with a wa­ter based fin­ish and blotches eas­ily with cer­tain stains. Ide­ally, the bench with all its nooks and cran­nies is an good can­di­date for lac­quer if you have a spray setup. A hand ap­plied fin­ish like Watco oil is an­other pos­si­bil­ity. With any hand fin­ish re­mem­ber that get­ting into those lit­tle gaps will be chal­leng­ing.

Want­ing to add a lit­tle warmth, I chose a long time per­sonal fa­vorite: Osmo Polyx Oil. This Ger­man floor fin­ish is made from var­i­ous vegetable oils and waxes. You can hand ap­ply the very thick Osmo in the man­ner of a rub-on oil/var­nish fin­ish. Wipe on. Wipe off. Build up three or four thin lay­ers, and it’s a rich and very durable fin­ish.

Don’t for­get to add fur­ni­ture glides to the four flat­tened legs. Be­ing a heavy bench, use small HDPE glides so it can eas­ily be pushed or pulled around.

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