TSPSP650 Hand­held Os­cil­lat­ing Spin­dle San­der

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Tri­ton Tools tri­ton­tools.com Price: $119 Os­cil­lat­ing spin­dle san­ders add an up-and-down mo­tion to their ro­tat­ing spin­dles to avoid wear­ing out their sand­ing sleeves in one place along the thick­ness of your ma­te­rial. Most spin­dle san­ders are bench­top mod­els, but Tri­ton is of­fer­ing a por­ta­ble hand­held ver­sion to al­low you to smooth and pro­file the edges on larger work­pieces.

This san­der is just the thing for squar­ing up the edges of curved ma­te­ri­als or thick slabs, but it can also be used free­hand for break­ing sharp edges with more ma­neu­ver­abil­ity than a belt san­der. The in­cluded ad­justable edge guide adds a mea­sure of con­trol to keep you from goug­ing div­ots into edge sur­faces, and the tool also comes with a bench-mount­ing kit that lets you use the tool in­verted in sta­tion­ary bench­top mode for use with small pieces. For max­i­mum ver­sa­til­ity, the tool comes with four rub­ber sand­ing drums in 1/2", 3/4", 1 1/32", and

1 1/2" di­am­e­ters.

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