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Choice 1: Last week we learned about a cou­ple in their 80’s whose “hon­ey­moon time” is not de­te­ri­o­rat­ing with age. The next day, the wife came in. Dur­ing our con­ver­sa­tion she added, “I love him so much! He is so kind and help­ful. It’s not like our ‘hon­ey­moon time’ was bad be­fore he started tak­ing Imun­stem & Ak­tiff­vate, but now …” and she briefly de­scribed fre­quency and that it’s “…just re­ally nice.” She said their choices for treat­ing his prostate can­cer in­cluded chemo­ther­apy which could make her hus­band less able to per­form; ra­di­a­tion which could put a per­ma­nent damper on things, or Ke­mo­herb, a nat­u­ral can­cer killer and re­mover which would not dam­age his im­mune sys­tem or any­thing else. “We don’t want to give that up,” she said, “so we chose to do Ke­mo­herb.”

Choice 2: In about a month, it will be three years since my ac­ci­dent. At the be­gin­ning of my hospi­tal stay, I could not move my mus­cles. Af­ter go­ing through surg­eries and re­gain­ing the abil­ity to breathe on my own, I started re­hab. First, the ther­a­pist would take one of my mus­cles through its pat­tern of mo­tion. Then, my abil­ity to move that mus­cle re­turned. I learned to sit up again, move my legs and stand. I was amazed at how that hap­pened. Since then, I have re­turned to danc­ing and mov­ing quite well, but my bal­ance is still not quite what it was.

Just re­cently, I started work­ing with a Pi­lates in­struc­tor. A Pi­lates in­struc­tor is highly trained in pre­cise body align­ment and mus­cle func­tion. Yes­ter­day, as I worked on the ma­chines in the Pi­lates stu­dio, the in­struc­tor aligned my an­kles be­fore I did the ex­er­cise. The ad­just­ment was only a frac­tion of an inch, but I felt the pres­sure on the bot­tom of my foot change from my lit­tle toe to my big toe. Later, when I got out of the car and walked to the house, I felt more sta­bil­ity in my body. The choice to do Pi­lates is one that keeps the body from drift­ing into that “I’m just get­ting older” feel­ing of los­ing con­trol. And, by the way, Michele is an ex­cel­lent Pi­lates in­struc­tor.

Choice 3: The choice to do brain surgery ver­sus Ke­mo­herb on the can­cer in my brother’s head was not mine to make. Hind­sight is al­ways 20-20 vi­sion. He came back into re­al­ity for three days, then slipped back into his past. An­other brother has stepped in to help the wife and fam­ily. The de­ci­sion to take him through Ke­mo­herb treat­ments was wrapped in a lack of knowl­edge about how pow­er­ful this nat­u­ral medicine is and how in­sur­ance would cover the out-of-pocket ex­pense. How true it is that our health (or some­one else’s) may not al­ways our high­est pri­or­ity. Our health is of­ten taken for granted un­til it’s lost. Then we re­al­ize what we once had.

Choice 4: Other choices gather around the topic of feed­ing the body. Let’s en­vi­sion the body be­ing made out of 30 mil­lion dol­lars worth of nu­tri­ents; vi­ta­mins, min­er­als, an­tiox­i­dants, wa­ter, oxy­gen, amino acids, fatty acids, and calo­ries, etc. A full set of nu­tri­ents = ul­ti­mate health. Some nu­tri­ents are com­ing and go­ing as they sup­port our busy ac­tiv­i­ties (like a check­ing ac­count). Other nu­tri­ents are wait­ing to be called upon for ac­tiv­ity (sav­ings), and oth­ers are stored deep in the bones for use in an emer­gency (re­tire­ment). We are de­signed to be born with a full Body-money Bank Ac­count. As the body func­tions, nu­tri­ents are spent from its “Check­ing” ac­count. When we eat, we re­plen­ish that ac­count with nu­tri­ent de­posits. Think of each bite of food as a pay­check. When the bite is taken from a ripe, raw, fresh veg­etable or fruit, the amount writ­ten on the pay­check is larger than if the bite comes out of a box, bag or can. Fewer nu­tri­ents the check­ing ac­count has, the less abil­ity the body has to func­tion fully like wak­ing up, be­ing alert, or hav­ing en­ergy. Stim­u­lants are not nu­tri­ents. They are loan of­fi­cers that pull nu­tri­ents from the sav­ings and re­tire­ment ac­counts and trans­fer them into the check­ing ac­count. A de­pleted nu­tri­ent ac­count leads to Body-money Bank­ruptcy = ill health. Choose nu­tri­ents over stim­u­lants.

Choice 5: Stop by Fam­ily HELM Health Cen­ter, to­day, from 10-6 and re­ceive a sam­ple of Imun­stem & Ak­tiff­vate. No pur­chase nec­es­sary; no strings at­tached. See what the pow­er­ful nu­tri­ents will do for you.

Un­til then … TAKE CHARGE! … Sylvia

Sylvia J. Har­ral is a di­ges­tive health spe­cial­ist and Michele Ste­wart-buller is a pi­lates master trainer. They each have more than 15 years ex­pe­ri­ence. Send your ques­tions by e-mail to fam­i­ly­helm@hot­mail.com; by mail to Fam­ily HELM Health Cen­ter, 379 N. Hock­ett St., Porter­ville, CA, 93257; or by phone at 202-9105.

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