Even week across the board as panel moves to­ward fin­ish line

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Week Ten of the Pigskin Prog­nos­ti­ca­tors proved to be much like sev­eral of the past weeks-just aver­age. No one had a re­ally good week and no one had a re­ally bad week. But even with the log jam in the mid­dle of the field, front run­ner David Horowitz found a way to put a lit­tle dis­tance be­tween him­self and the rest of the field.

Af­ter many weeks of find­ing him­self in the mid­dle of the Pigskin Pick­ers pack, David moved into first place a cou­ple of weeks ago, and over the past two weeks has man­aged to pick up a game each week to pull ever so slightly away from the rest by two full games. That may not seem like much of a lead, but con­sid­er­ing how this year has gone, a two game lead is a big deal. David some­how found time while get­ting his store ready for the big Christ­mas sea­son to guess his way to a 6-4 week. Even though he lost a close one when West Vir­ginia barely beat Texas by one point, David had a good week pick­ing the col­lege teams, get­ting four out of five cor­rect in­clud­ing the up­set by Pur­due over ranked Iowa.

Even with the best record this week, David was sad to see his Red­skins get beat by the Fal­cons. Cheer up David, you are in first place, and Christ­mas is on the way. I know both make you very happy. David is 53-45-2 for the year.

Cling­ing to sec­ond place for the year is for­mer front run­ner and Recorder clas­si­fied ad­vi­sor, Judy Hall. Judy was in first place all by her­self for sev­eral weeks, but has slipped back in the past cou­ple of weeks. Judy went 5-5 for week Ten and is now at 51-47-2 for the sea­son. Judy wants to stay close just in case David should stum­ble, as sev­eral past lead­ers have done this sea­son.

Only three games out of first is Mayor Milt Stowe. As I said last week, Milt has been in the mid­dle of the Prog­nos­ti­ca­tors all year. Once again in Week Ten, the mayor was 5-5. I be­lieve Milt’s game plan is to stay near the front all sea­son and then pounce on the front run­ner as the sea­son comes to a close. Be care­ful Mayor not to let too much sun­shine get be­tween you and David. Milt is now 50-48-2 for the the first ten weeks.

Also at 5-5 for this past week was for­mer front run­ner, Gary Gosta­nian. Gary has been up, down and all around this sea­son. He led the first cou­ple of weeks, dropped into the mid­dle, and then bot­tomed out in last place. But over the past three weeks, Gary has been on the move up­ward. Gary is even on the sea­son at 49-49-2.

Con­tin­u­ing his up-and­down cy­cle is Recorder Edi­tor, Matt Sarr. Matt goes from 9-1 to 1-9 from week to week. But over the past cou­ple of weeks, he has stayed in the mid­dle of the pack. Matt went 4-6 in Week Ten and now stands at 48-50-2 for the sea­son. Matt did have rea­son to cel­e­brate this past week­end as his daugh­ter Darcy was crowned Miss Porter­ville. Matt said he would trade a 4 and 6 record any week for his daugh­ter win­ning. Con­grat­u­la­tions Darcy.

Week 11 has some dif­fi­cult games once again, so who knows how the panel will do this week. But one thing is for sure, they will give it their best.

Un­til next week, keep root­ing for your fa­vorite Prog­nos­ti­ca­tor. Thanks for read­ing your home­town news­pa­per and have a blessed week.

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