Gift-wrap­ping tips and tricks to help you this hol­i­day

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Much of the fo­cus of each hol­i­day sea­son is on gift-giv­ing, but all those gifts will even­tu­ally need to be wrapped. Stacks of presents just wait­ing to be cov­ered with pa­per and rib­bon can over­whelm gift givers, prompt­ing them to put off wrap­ping gifts un­til the last minute. Hes­i­tant wrap­pers with a pile of gifts to wrap can use these tricks to make the process go smoothly. Find in­spi­ra­tion

In­stead of look­ing at wrap­ping as yet an­other chore, try to envision how the re­cip­i­ent will feel peel­ing open the pa­per and finding the gift in­side. Wrap­ping can be the pre­lude to the gift it­self, and in­ten­sify the an­tic­i­pa­tion. The wrap­ping pa­per or style also may draw on as­pects of the gift it­self. For ex­am­ple, a knit scarf can be placed in a cro­cheted stock­ing. Han­dle oddly-shaped items

Wrap­ping rec­tan­gu­lar boxes can be a snap, but what about some­thing that’s round or full of an­gles? Think about plac­ing oddly-shaped items in­side an­other item to make the shape more uni­form. Shoe boxes, cof­fee cans and even pa­per towel rolls can hold items. Then place the wrap­ping on these con­tain­ers. Cover prices

To en­able easy ex­changes or re­turns, do not cut off the price tags of gifts. In­stead, place a fes­tive sticker over the dol­lar amount, but leave the scan bar vis­i­ble. This way the gift re­cip­i­ent can re­turn the gift with ease if nec­es­sary. Keep sup­plies at the ready

De­vote a bin or bins to wrap­ping sup­plies and tools. Hav­ing scis­sors, pa­per, tape, rib­bon, and more in a des­ig­nated spot will cut down on hav­ing to hunt and peck when it comes time to wrap. Martha Ste­wart sug­gests get­ting a ro­tary cut­ter to cut long straight or dec­o­ra­tive edges on wrap­ping pa­per. Ro­tary cut­ters may be eas­ier to use than scis­sors, es­pe­cially when paired with a ruler. Wrap on a firm sur­face

De­vote a ta­ble or counter to wrap­ping gifts. This will keep the pa­per taut and neat and make it eas­ier to cut and po­si­tion. You risk tear­ing the pa­per or punc­tur­ing it when work­ing on car­pet­ing or bed­ding. Color- or pat­tern-code gifts

It’s easy to vi­su­al­ize who gets what gift when each re­cip­i­ent has his or her own spe­cial wrap­ping pa­per. This is also a handy idea when wrap­ping gifts from Santa, as it will dif­fer­en­ti­ate the Santa gifts from the ones be­ing given by Mom and Dad.

With a few help­ful point­ers, wrap­ping gifts can be easy. And for those who prefer to skip the wrap­ping them­selves, many malls and re­tail­ers of­fer com­pli­men­tary wrap­ping for a small do­na­tion to char­ity.


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