Me­dia throw ev­ery­thing at wall to see what sticks

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Now that Trump has fi­nally turned to the cam­paign prom­ise that won him the elec­tion -- build a wall and de­port il­le­gals -- the Democrats, the me­dia and even most Repub­li­cans are hys­ter­i­cal.

Just re­mem­ber: They were hys­ter­i­cal about Ronald Rea­gan, too. You don’t change his­tory by be­ing a fol­lower, par­tic­u­larly if the peo­ple you’re fol­low­ing are unimag­i­na­tive, go-with-the-flow com­pany men.

When Pres­i­dent Rea­gan im­ple­mented the strat­egy that won the Cold War, he was op­posed by the en­tire me­dia, as well as for­eign pol­icy “ex­perts” in both par­ties.

The New York Times and Wash­ing­ton Post pro­duced non­stop de­nun­ci­a­tions of his “dan­ger­ous” poli­cies. There were pro­pa­ganda movies like “The Day After,” ter­ri­fy­ing Amer­i­cans about a So­viet strike on our coun­try. Wit­less col­lege stu­dents de­manded cyanide pills be stocked in cam­pus health care clin­ics, on the grounds that Rea­gan was go­ing to get us all nuked.

Only after Rea­gan’s poli­cies suc­ceeded did these same hys­ter­ics say, Ho hum, no big deal. We al­ways knew the So­viet Union was a pa­per tiger.

Fran­ti­cally rewrit­ing his­tory, they claimed Rea­gan had merely con­tin­ued the poli­cies of his pre­de­ces­sors. The truth about their eight-year pri­mal scream is help­fully as­sem­bled in my smash best-seller, “Trea­son.”

The Democrats, the me­dia and most of the Repub­li­can Party are as fa­nat­i­cally op­posed to Trump’s ideas about il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion as they were to Rea­gan’s ideas about win­ning the Cold War.

Like Rea­gan, Trump has only the peo­ple on his side. Un­like Rea­gan, he doesn’t seem as con­fi­dent that he is right. So the peo­ple need to be louder. All we’re get­ting from the me­dia on im­mi­gra­tion is an avalanche of lies, neu­rot­i­cally re­peated by peo­ple cit­ing one an­other: Polls show Amer­i­cans don’t want a wall! We’re a na­tion of im­mi­grants! Im­mi­grants com­mit less crime than the na­tive born!

Stud­ies show: Black Amer­i­cans are NOT hurt by il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion.

Every one of these claims is a lie, as demon­strated in my book “Adios, Amer­ica!”

Peo­ple as­sume a min­i­mal stan­dard of de­cency in oth­ers and think to them­selves, Well, Joe Scar­bor­ough wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true.

What view­ers don’t un­der­stand is how lazy me­dia per­son­al­i­ties are. They are merely quot­ing what some­one told them. They don’t know. Their ex­per­tise con­sists of mem­o­riz­ing a set of talk­ing points, like ABBA mem­o­riz­ing the syl­la­bles to Eng­lish words with­out know­ing what they meant.

If jour­nal­ists al­lowed fol­low-up ques­tions and you could ask, “How do you know that?” The an­swer would be, “I heard it from a guy at Vox.”

The me­dia go to ex­tremely bi­ased sources; they know noth­ing, so they’re not in a po­si­tion to chal­lenge them; and even if they were, they wouldn’t, be­cause they’re on the same team.

After a New York Times re­porter tracked me down for a quote about the wall, I gave him the fol­low­ing, but he chose not to run it. Why should the News­pa­per of Record present the op­po­si­tion’s side hon­estly?

There are a mil­lion rea­sons we want a wall, but here are five:

1) The Simp­son-maz­zoli Act -- passed al­most 30 years ago to the day Trump was elected pres­i­dent -- came with elab­o­rate prom­ises that it would put an end to il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion. In fact, 30 to 40 mil­lion more il­le­gals have poured into our coun­try since then.

2) Not­with­stand­ing the vast num­ber of il­le­gal alien vale­dic­to­ri­ans, there are also crim­i­nals, drunk driv­ers, drug car­tel mem­bers and des­per­ately poor peo­ple con­sum­ing gov­ern­ment ser­vices meant for the least among us and driv­ing down the wages of our work­ing class. 3) We need a bet­ter method. 4) Walls work. See Is­rael. 5) If we don’t get it done now, we never will. Trump is our last chance.

But in­stead of ex­plain­ing to the Times’ read­ers why Trump’s prom­ise to build a wall shook the po­lit­i­cal world to its foun­da­tion, the news­pa­per trot­ted out cam­paign ad­viser Sam Nun­berg’s boast that he in­vented “build the wall” be­cause Trump’s mind tends to wan­der. It was only a dumb talk­ing point, you see, not a se­ri­ous cam­paign pledge.

This is like claim­ing you were the guy who in­vented car­ry­ing an um­brella when it rains. I’m sorry, Sam, but you’re not get­ting roy­al­ties for that.

Build­ing a wall is kind of an ob­vi­ous idea for pro­tect­ing a bor­der. Not only have walls been used from time im­memo­rial to de­fend bor­ders, but those pre­cise three words have been used to de­scribe what should hap­pen at our spe­cific bor­der thou­sands of times be­fore Trump used them, ac­cord­ing to a quick Nexis search.

The cur­rent DNC talk­ing point against a wall is that it is a “me­dieval so­lu­tion to a 21st-cen­tury prob­lem!” Turn on MSNBC or CNN right now, and you’ll hear some­one say­ing it.

So are wheels. Are Democrats tak­ing tires off their cars?

A roof is a me­dieval so­lu­tion. How about Nancy Pelosi re­place the one over her house with “new tech­nol­ogy” -- like a drone! Drones won’t keep any­thing out, but at least she can see what’s com­ing in sec­onds be­fore it drops on her head.

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