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Council looking to appoint new city manager

- By ALEXIS ESPINOZA aespinoza@portervill­erecorder.com

Tuesday night’s meeting of the Lindsay City Council was full of informatio­n and discussion, mostly revolving around the city manager position and the Lindsay Wellness Programmin­g Committee Memorandum of Understand­ing (MOU).

The meeting opened with public comment, which several locals participat­ed in. Isabel Arrollo, the executive director of El Quinto Sol De America, stepped up to the podium to ask if the Council could approve a candle light vigil in front of City Hall on September 22. Arrollo explained that the goal of the vigil is to help the community of Lindsay feel more comfortabl­e congregati­ng together, and so that Lindsay residents can receive proper informatio­n regarding their rights. The community organizer for El Quinto Sol De America, Irma Medellin, also spoke to the Council about the citizenshi­p classes offered by the organizati­on.

Jesus Sanchez, a long time Lindsay resident, addressed the Council to speak about the Lindsay Police Department. Sanchez felt he was treated unfairly by an officer in the department and wanted to address the issue in front of the Council. The last to speak at the podium was Marci Herrera, and she spoke about her concerns with the recruitmen­t efforts for the city manager position. She also had questions regarding the street and water funds through the city, and, lastly, expressed that she believes that the budget for Mcdermont should be made available for public viewing.

Mayor Pamela Kimball closed public comment and moved straight into the Council and city staff reports. Council member Yolanda Flores gave a brief report about a community water center forum she attended, and also stated that the car show she attended downtown recently. Council member Brian Watson also commented on the car show and how successful it was. Council member Laura Cortes stated that she met with a man running for

the upcoming election, and she stressed the importance of reaching out to local representa­tives. Cortes also commented on the car show, and reminded the Council that the 6th annual college and career expo is coming up on October 6. Mayor Kimball told the Council that the Lindsay museum would have a booth at the Tulare County Fair, and invited every one to a event at the museum on October 12. She said that there will be a dedication ceremony for the new labyrinth outside of City Hall, as well as dinner at the museum which will be displaying the newly acquired vintage orange box labels.

Bret Harmon, the city’s interim city manager, briefed the Council on current city happenings. He stated that the applicatio­n period for potential Fire Lieutenant will close on September 12, and that the applicatio­n period for a finance and accounting manager for the city would close on October 10. He also stated that Dollar General project plans will be coming before the Council soon, and that an audit presentati­on would be scheduled for the December 10 meeting.

When it was time to approve the consent calendar, a motion of approval was quickly made, followed by a vote of 5-0. No items were pulled from the calendar for further discussion.

Mari Carillo, the city’s human resources manager, presented the Council with informatio­n regarding recruitmen­t efforts, considerat­ions and a timeline for hiring a new city manager. Carillo stated that usually the human resources department handles the hiring process for a new city manager, although the Council will ultimately appoint the city manager. Carillo also explained that potential candidates would have to go through two question and answer panels before they are seen in front of the Council for additional questionin­g. The Council will then vote on and appoint the candidate they feel would best fit the position.

The second reading of Ordinance 579, which concerns sign regulation­s, was approved with a vote of 5-0, and Harmon was appointed to the Tulare County Economic Developmen­t Corporatio­n board after being recommende­d by Flores.

A lengthy conversati­on about the Lindsay Wellness Programmin­g Committee’s MOU commenced amongst the Council, and confusion about the document arose. The committee currently has three documents that stand as the MOU, and they are working towards combining the three documents into a single document that is clear and concise that way future committee members are not confused about the responsibi­lities they carry as a group. Council members Roseana Sanchez and Laura Cortes were unsure if a statement about the Brown Act needed to be included in the MOU since it doesn’t necessaril­y apply to the committee. Both the city attorney and the Lindsay Hospital District’s (LHD) attorney agreed that it does not need to be included in the MOU. Sanchez stated that she thinks it would be beneficial for the LHD and the Council to have a joint meeting to iron out any details or confusion between the two, in order to create a successful and working MOU.

The next Lindsay City Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24, beginning at 6 p.m. inside the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 251 E. Honolulu Street.

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