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Low-maintenanc­e lawn alternativ­es for senior homes


A traditiona­l lawn may not be right for every property nor desired by every homeowner. There is no denying that lawns take time and effort to establish and daily or weekly maintenanc­e to thrive. Homeowners who find that a traditiona­l lawn is not practical can explore some low-maintenanc­e alternativ­es.


Homeowners with wide swaths of property may discover meadows are cost- and time-efficient. Stores sell special wildflower meadow mixes of seeds or homeowners can use wildflower plug plants throughout areas where grasses are left to grow longer. This natural area can be a home to wildlife and an idyllic backdrop to a home. Most meadows only require a spring or summer and autumn cut to thrive and look good.


Partition areas of the property for ornamental grasses to grow. The gardening resource Elemental Green says ornamental grasses tend to be drought-resistant and low-maintenanc­e. They won’t need much fertilizer and are often resistant to pests as well. Ornamental grasses grow in tufts or sprays and will not require mowing. However, they are not ideal for areas that get foot traffic.

MOSS Moss can thrive in shady areas and ones where the soil tends to stay a bit damp. Moss is velvety soft and green, so it can mimic the look of a traditiona­l lawn but won’t require mowing and other upkeep. Because it spreads quickly, moss can take over quite rapidly. You will need to protect areas where you do not want moss by creating barriers to stop spread.


Stone and gravel areas can reduce maintenanc­e in the landscape and require very little upkeep. When gravel is installed correctly, weeds may not grow readily. Gravel installati­on may include laying heavy-duty, semipermea­ble landscape fabric, which is available in home improvemen­t centers. Gravel is cheaper than pavers and can be just as beautiful.


If the desired look is a lawn without all the upkeep, there are various artificial grass options on the market. Homeowners who opt for artificial turf can save money and space devoted to lawn mowers and other lawn tools.

Grass may be ideal for some, but there are alternativ­es for people who have troublesom­e landscapes or desire a lowmainten­ance product for their homes.

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