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Granite softball falls to Farmersvil­le


The Granite Hills softball team has had a rough year behind it with an overall record of 1-13. It’s been two years since Granite Hills last had a softball program due to COVID complicati­ons. Granite fell 12-2 on Monday at home.

Ari Castillo pitched a good game for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies defense took a while to warm up.

The first inning was the worst one for the Grizzlies, as the Aztecs scored six of their 12 runs during the inning. Grizzly first baseman Klarisa Sanches put three Aztecs out with assists by Esmeralda Tapia and Sol Sanchez, turning the inning over and ended the Aztecs streak.

In the bottom of the first Castillo slammed the first pitch sent her way and reached second but was left stranded.

At the top of the third, Tapia dived after a ball hit by the Aztecs, catching the ball and outing the final Aztec to let the Grizzlies take to bat.

Tapia was the second batter for the Grizzlies and she nailedher first pitch into the outfield. Castillo followed next and when she got to the box she walked and Tapia stole second and then third.

Sanchez also nailed the first pitch thrown her way. The ball was hit right to second base and the Aztecs were fast and outed her at first; but not before Tapia crossed the plate. With a run under them the Grizzlies scord their next run in the bottom of the fifth.

Tapia had her turn to bat and was walked. Castillo nailed her first pitch for an awesome ground ball that split second and third base to reach first.

Ceballos took to the plate. With a determined look Ceballos had an amazing hit to split second and third, letting Tapia score the Grizzlies to make it 10-2.

“I couldn’t be happier with our progress.” Granite coach Rosy Campos said. “It’s been tough for us, we had that two year break with COVID, So we’ve had freshmen now coming back as seniors having only been able to play two out of four years.

Ari (Castillo) pitched our game and did a great job. She really nailed some key pitches. We had three line drives today and hitting has been our working point recently. My third base (Tapia), second base (Ceballos), and shortstop (Sanchez) all got some great outs. It really shows that we’re working and getting better.

“In the start of the year, our team used to get pretty bummed when we lost and it would kind of spiral. But now, we’re keeping pace, outing the other team, and playing hard. I’m just so proud they’ve come away with more gumption and we’re seeing happy faces after every game.”

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