Off-duty officers catch drug store robbers


HOBART — Two off-duty Gary officers detained Valparaiso brothers as they stole a large quantity of over-the-counter drugs Monday afternoon.

Patrolman Doug Drummond and Detective Pete Baum, both Hobart residents, were at Walgreen’s at U.S. 6 and Ind. 51 about 4:05 p.m. when the brothers, ages 21 and 16, tried to leave the store with about 30 boxes of cold medicine and antacids hidden in their jackets.

Drummond, who was at the counter paying for a surprise for his wife, chased the two men as they ran from the store.

Baum, a member of the Gary police department’s sex crimes unit, used his takehome squad car to block in the brothers’ Toyota Corolla.

Drummond and Baum detained the two until Hobart police could arrive and take them into custody.

As Hobart police were at the scene, they learned the pair are suspects in other thefts in the city.

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