Liberals don’t understand business


“He’ll be trained to know he can’t move, bark or react to anything.”

CATHERINE BREITWEISE­R-HURST, a Lake County deputy prosecutor, talking about Buddy, a new therapy dog being trained to comfort victims and possibly accompany them into court during testimony

Stanley Holmes recent blathering (Your Views, Jan. 31) was about as enjoyable as having a conversati­on with “Flipper” while suffering a migraine.

His rant was filled with misplaced blame of Ronald Reagan for the woes and plight of the middle class. Now, I don’t bow daily to my shrine of the 40th president of the United States, but the current occupant of the White House is sadly but a fraction of a leader that he was.

Stanley is completely ignorant of how business works. Liberals continue to demonize business owners who take the risk to start and develop a business, provide jobs, but should be ashamed to enjoy success?

Our country sadly has morphed into a petulant, jealous-of-yourneighb­or’s success, entitlemen­t society that looks to tear down rather than build up. Our country was great because the vast majority just wanted to work. They knew that if they did that they could make a living, with no guarantees of a certain standard of living. Sacrifice was involved and sometimes you had to do without. People think that they are entitled to cable, a smartphone and healthcare, just to name a few.

Now, we have representa­tives who buy votes by promising and giving things without the slightest care of how to pay for it, racking up massive debt. It’s prepostero­us that the fiscal responsibi­lity of our state continues to be mocked. It’s predictabl­e that when liberals’ experiment­s don’t work they double down and cry about Republican obstructio­nism. Newsflash: every president has faced opposition. It’s just that the current president and Democrat leadership have no idea how to work with those who hold a different opinion. I thought that the strength of our country was that everyone’s opinion was important; I guess that only applies if you’re a liberal. Jeff Eenigenbur­g


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