Tragedy brought out the best in people


Emergency situations can bring out the best in people and there was no truer example than the way our community responded in the aftermath of the recent I-94 accident.

First, on behalf of Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City, our prayers are with the families of the deceased and with those injured.

Next, we thank the first responders, who acted with such diligence, care and poise during the most stressful circumstan­ces. Their cooperatio­n with our hospital physicians and nurses, many of whom came in on their time off and also performed brilliantl­y in providing life-saving care, exhibited the same team spirit shown just last year when all were called upon to rescue and treat the boy saved in the miracle at Mount Baldy.

In conjunctio­n with our fire, police, and county emergency colleagues, we activated our emergency response plan when the scope of the accident became known. Hospital and physician staffs remained in place after hours to care for the injured, and we notified additional staff to stand by. We cared for 13 patients injured in the accident, some of whom required hospitaliz­ation here. We worked with the first responders to triage and treat those patients.

Thanks also to the community members who brought refreshmen­ts to the accident scene and to our Emergency Department, and otherwise volunteere­d to help.

We know the news media took an intense interest in this large accident and in how our community handled the emergency. We are proud to have been part of an effective and life-saving response. We should be proud once again as members of our Michigan City and LaPorte County community.

God bless you all. James Callaghan, M.D.

President Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City

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