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What dif­fer­ence does the color of the pres­i­dent’s suit make? I think he looked quiet nice. There are more im­por­tant things to worry about than what color his suit is.

Mo­tor­cy­clists are some of the worst for fol­low­ing the rules of the road. One was in front of me on U.S. 51 in Ho­bart. He ran a red light just to pull over past the light to text on his phone. I’ve seen them weav­ing past other ve­hi­cles reck­lessly, rac­ing, do­ing wheel­ies, tail­gat­ing ... and we’re sup­posed to watch out for them? Maybe the bumper stick­ers should say, “Watch Out for Mo­rons on Mo­tor­cy­cles ... They’re Ev­ery­where.”

I hate plea deals, es­pe­cially when they in­volve re­peat of­fend­ers, child mo­lesters or rapists.

To get elected to a Lake County of­fice there are two re­quire­ments. First, you must be a Demo­crat, and sec­ond, tell the vot­ers any­thing they want to hear. For in­stance, you can prom­ise you won’t vote for any in­crease in taxes and once in of­fice go ahead and vote for a tax in­crease and, don’t worry, you’re a Demo­crat, peo­ple will re-elect you no mat­ter what.

I think lo­cal com­pa­nies should gen­er­ally hire lo­cal la­bor. But when that lo­cal la­bor will not pro­duce and lacks the skills and mo­ti­va­tion needed to do the job, by all means, call in la­bor from out­side the area as needed.

Flu­o­ride has ev­ery­thing to do with the poi­son con­trol warn­ing on tooth­paste. What mo­tive would a for­mer Quickly poster have for spread­ing mis­in­for­ma­tion deny­ing this?

A week ago all news me­dia out­lets told us how cheap gas was and that the prices was ex­pected to go down even more. Then all of a sud­den we have a prob­lem at a lo­cal re­fin­ery and, alas, gas price go­ing up. Did I men­tion it’s a hol­i­day week­end? Hmm ...

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