Back behind the wheel

Lake Station senior in driver’s seat of car she worked hard to buy and for team that’s glad to see her return

- By Michael Osipoff

Lake Station senior guard Nevaeh Mosley is exactly where she wants to be.

After sitting out last season for personal reasons, Mosley has made a triumphant return to the Eagles, who will try to win their first sectional title next week.

“I did miss it,” she said. “But I just took a year off just for my mentals and to get my personal life together, just so I could come back better and stronger for this season.

“There was a chance I wouldn’t come back. But I just knew we had a great chance of winning sectionals this year, so I just wanted to be part of something special.”

The 5-foot-5 Mosley, whose first name is “Heaven” spelled backward, is already a big part of Lake Station’s success this season. She’s averaging 11.2 points, 3.2 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.3 steals for the Eagles (13-7, 6-0), who have won their third straight Greater South Shore Conference title and fourth in five seasons.

“It’s a big comeback, amazing,” Lake Station coach Rudy Chabes said. “She’s our leader, our captain. She’s our hardest worker. We wouldn’t have the record we do without her.

“We’re just thankful she’s back. It’s turned out great. She leads the practices. She leads everything. She’s a good kid, phenomenal student. She’s very mature for her age, beyond years. I just have to tell her to do something one time. She gets it.”

Mosley, who intends to accept a full academic scholarshi­p from Valparaiso University and study biochemist­ry in the hopes of becoming a doctor, focused on schoolwork and her job at Wendy’s during her junior year. She worked 30 to 40 hours a week so she could buy a car, and she was able to purchase a 2006 Mazda 3.

“It was just getting that together so I could play and not have to worry and be stressed by anything,” Mosley said. “It went how I thought it would. I planned it out, manifested it, and now I’m here.”

Rudy Chabes respects what Mosley has done.

“She’s gone through a lot,” he said. “She just didn’t want to bother anybody for a ride to practice. She worked all summer and all last year and saved up to get a car.

“Last year, she kind of wanted to play, but she wanted to take care of some business, and that was getting a car. Now she literally has the keys to the car of my team.”

Mosley, who has scaled back to 12 hours a week at Wendy’s for this season, returned to the gym in earnest over the summer. Junior guard Torri Chabes is among the teammates who are grateful Mosley is back.

“She’s very hardworkin­g,” Torri Chabes said. “She’s proved herself to be a team leader.”

Others also have noticed Mosley’s impact on the Eagles.

“Usually when local colleges come and look at our team, they don’t know about her,” Rudy Chabes said. “Then they look at her and everybody wants her. They say, ‘How come you didn’t tell me about her?’ I say, ‘She hasn’t played. I wasn’t sure she was going to play this year.’

“She hasn’t even reached her peak. If she plays more, the sky’s the limit. She’s just on natural ability right now.”

Mosley started as a sophomore, averaging 4.7 points. But she wasn’t nearly the same player.

“I wasn’t really scoring,” she said. “I wasn’t comfortabl­e on the court. Now I’m more developed and more confident, so it flows easier. I’m looking for my teammates more. I’m just way better.”

Mosley also didn’t play as a freshman. Lake Station had implemente­d e-learning due to the coronaviru­s pandemic, and that further complicate­d matters for her.

“Freshman year, it was COVID, so I had to keep finding rides back and forth,” she said. “It was just very difficult for me from being online in school and coming here. So I’d just rather not play.”

Mosley has been playing this season with shin splints, a condition that dates to eighth grade. The pain had subsided when she didn’t play last season.

“I just look at the bigger picture,” she said. “It’s more intense, but it doesn’t last long. The games, I give it my all. I push through, then just come back and recover. The next day, I’m back on the court, working hard, providing for my team.”

Mosley’s toughness has impressed Rudy Chabes.

“She’s battled,” he said. “She can barely walk here and there during games. We’ve been taking care of that. She just refuses to stop.”

Rudy Chabes has confidence Mosley won’t stop until she achieves her goals.

“Out of all of these kids, I know she’s going to do well,” he said. “She’s a go-getter.”

 ?? POST-TRIBUNE MICHAEL OSIPOFF/ ?? After sitting out last season, Lake Station’s Nevaeh Mosley has returned to the team for her senior season and become a key player.
POST-TRIBUNE MICHAEL OSIPOFF/ After sitting out last season, Lake Station’s Nevaeh Mosley has returned to the team for her senior season and become a key player.

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