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Letter to the Editior


Dear Editor,

When monopolies control the availabili­ty, style and needs like food, clothing, hardware, fuel and motor vehicles, we must buy what they have to offer.

I have been fortunate enough to have read the opinions of some of our forefather­s and have come to the conclusion that “monopolies” and illegitima­te businesses are the same thing.

For instance, I can no longer sell my produce to say a grocery store in Poteau. The excuses small farmers may have overused insecticid­es or herbicides on their crops or their crops may cause an outbreak of e-coli.

The only outbreaks of these problems that I have heard of has been caused by nationwide producers of our food suppliers who are billionair­es who our government gave them a monopoly discouragi­ng small farmers.

The government also has an “illegal” monopoly on “education” to control our food supply. “False educators” — read Matt. O3:13-15 — have given priority of being “computer-wise” over the necessity of having trained farmers. Government monopolies and its control over “education” has starved many people to death. An ignoramus such as I am will have something to eat as the computeris­ts starve. Computeris­ts may make a fortune, but what good is their fortune if they can’t find food to buy.

Our government’s Satan servants — since former President Donald Trump was deprived of his presidency — has given foreigners control of our natural resources. The most notable of those resources is Wyoming coal — controlled by a China man. If that China man doesn’t first serve needs of the United States of America above the needs of China, the honest politician­s of the U.S.A. should forbid his existence, send him home and assume control of his wealth. Otherwise, we will no longer be a sovereign nation worth fighting for our right of existence but only a Chinese territory.

If our politician­s didn’t accept bribes from oil and gas industry and probably from the electric power industry (which has stopped fish immigratio­n and plentiful food), these industries wouldn’t have monopolies on how we must live. If the billions of tons of coal we have were used for light and power, light and power wouldn’t deprive us of a food source or cost as much.

When steam engines controlled railroad traffic, there was more smoke and more rain, and I as a teenager hobo saw most of this nation — for free.

Many families who are now considered to be backward use coal oil lamps for light and had no monthly bills to pay. We listened to the “Grand Ol’ Opry” on Saturday nights on battery-powered radios. We often visited kinsmen and neighbors, and always learned something. There were no television­s or cell phones. Small schools were controlled by their community at low costs, educating their children and promoting Biblical admonition­s. Every community had a distinct character that pleased their Creator.

Then, some politician in Washington was bribed to consolidat­e all schools, and atheism then ruled all education. Personal character no longer meant anything. Teachers who drew high wages could promote atheism or Communism.

Our government’s monopoly on “education” has given “style and technology” the power to destroy personal character — and hope of freedom.

Christ said, “Honor thy father and mother, and whosoever curseth his father and mother, let him die”

Christ also admonished us to put our money in a bank for usury — to provide us a living when we grew old. However, our government’s monopoly on finances have made that nearly impossible.

The un-elected, politicall­y-appointed chairman of the illegal federal reserve bank controls the value of our money and what we can afford to buy.

If we don’t rebel against the government we have served for nearly 300 years, we will be abolished as a sovereign nation because of bribed politician­s and their highly-paid atheist teachers.

We will be the losers in the final battle between the saints and sinners.

Will prayers, bows and arrows, swords, rifle fire or bombs win that war?.

Jess Goodman Monroe

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