Powder - - SKIS - —Sam Cox

$900 D: 150-105-138mm R: 15m

The Line Sakana draws its DNA from the fat­ter, softer Pescado, which is in­tended as a di­rec­tional, pow­der­spe­cific ski. At 105 mil­lime­ters un­der­foot, the Sakana is aimed at be­ing more ver­sa­tile in vari­able con­di­tions. Im­me­di­ately you no­tice the swal­low­tail, or as Line calls it, a “Tail Knock­out,” and the low pro­file tips. With a mount point shifted back, the ski has a sub­stan­tial amount of ef­fec­tive edge. Am­ple cam­ber pro­vides sus­pen­sion and pop, while the flex and ra­dius are ex­tremely com­ple­men­tary, al­low­ing you to carve the ski in dif­fer­ent turn shapes in­stead of scrub­bing or piv­ot­ing. Af­ter sev­eral hours ski­ing the trees at Red, I be­came a firm be­liever. The Sakana is a lam­i­nate ski with a car­bon/flax weave and a core com­prised of paulow­nia and maple. Bot­tom line, I’d love to have a pair of these skis in heavy ro­ta­tion for soft con­di­tions.

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