Wreck­cre­ate 110

Powder - - SKIS - —John Clary Davies

$750 D: 146-110-136mm R: 18m

It had been storm­ing all morn­ing. All I could hear were the flakes hit­ting my jacket. On my feet were the Lib Tech Wreck­cre­ate 110s, a ski with cam­ber and tip to tail el­lip­ti­cal rocker, Lib Tech’s ser­rated Mag­ne­trac­tion base, and a basalt con­struc­tion. The ski rides more di­rec­tional and less piv­oty than the brand’s other of­fer­ings, though with no metal it still lives on the surfy side of the spec­trum. I dropped in, slashed a big left turn, aired off a boul­der, wig­gled through some trees, slashed a few more pow­der turns, and made it back to the lift in pure rap­ture.

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