En­forcer 110/ Santa Ana 110

Powder - - SKIS - —Matt Hansen

$899 D: 140-110-129mm R: 18.5m

In a head-to-head com­par­i­son be­tween the En­forcer 110 and the Bl­iz­zard Rustler 11, both of which oc­cupy the up­per ech­e­lons of the big moun­tain freeride cat­e­gory, the En­forcer wins out as the faster, more ag­gres­sive op­tion (not necce­sar­ily the bet­ter ski for ev­ery­one). With two sheets of Ti­tanal over a core of balsa and car­bon, the En­forcer will be too much to han­dle for some skiers (the more for­giv­ing Rustler has just one sheet of metal). But in the hands of a ca­pa­ble driver, the En­forcer dom­i­nates in the steep and deep, piv­ots when needed, and shows no speed limit on hard­pack.

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