$979 D: 132-108-122mm R: 28m

Powder - - SKIS - —Matt Hansen

De­signed to be light­weight enough for tour­ing (weigh­ing 1850 grams), but stout enough to con­fi­dently charge big lines, the balsa/flax Con­dor in­vites you to lean into your boots and drive the tip for­ward with­out fear of de­flec­tion. Sego’s Di­rec­tional Mous­tache re­sults in 5 mil­lime­ters of cam­ber un­der­foot for edge hold, while rocker in the tip with sub­tle early rise in the tail elim­i­nates hook­i­ness and gen­tly re­leases from the turn. The long turn ra­dius is real, how­ever, and the ski trips up in tight trees. For the best re­sults, spread the av­o­cado on an open face.

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