El­e­ment 120 IR

$700 Last: 99mm Flex: 120 1550g

Powder - - BOOTS - —Ryan Ru­bino

The El­e­ment 120 is the top dog in Roxa’s freeski line. Light­weight with op­ti­mal struc­tural in­tegrity in a cabrio de­sign, the feel and per­for­mance of this boot is solid all around. True to most cabrio de­signs, it has a great heel hold and a comfy fore­foot. The in­step is a lit­tle on the lower side, but the big­gest draw­back of this boot might be its shelf ap­peal. The sub­li­mated graphic came out mud­dled, as they of­ten do, and the ac­tual feel of the buck­les and boot over­all left me want­ing more. But, when the El­e­ment 120 is on and the stiff­ness is set to ‘rad,’ this boot skis like a high-end piece of equip­ment. There is room for Roxa to im­prove as a boot com­pany, but they are well on their way to be­ing a top player.

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