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Al­most ev­ery ar­ti­cle from Pow­der is a form of left­ist pro­pa­ganda (“A Move­ment Be­gins: In the face of cli­mate change, Park City, Utah, has be­come a leader among ski towns. Is it enough?” 46.4). I’m out. I thought this was about ski­ing and snow.

Andy Schott

Via Face­book

Cli­mate change, and ef­forts to slow down its ef­fect on the planet, is di­rectly and pre­cisely re­lated to ski­ing and snow. There­fore, it is our duty to make sure that we cover the is­sue as it per­tains to the ski­ing com­mu­nity. That you would throw a po­lit­i­cal la­bel on this story says more about the disturbing times we are liv­ing in—when every­thing is ei­ther left or right, blue or red—than it does about why Pow­der chooses to ad­dress a topic that threat­ens the very sport we all love. We will con­tinue to cover cli­mate change—and any other is­sue that is of im­por­tance to the ski­ing com­mu­nity—with or with­out you. We wish you well. –Ed.

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