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What has been the secret to success for the longevity of Chuck Hovey Yachts?

BRIAN HOVEY: We have been told that it basically stems from repeat customers and referrals of clients who have been treated fairly and in a profession­al manner over the years of having CHY handle their boat transactio­ns. For example, on occasion we are even requested to handle the sale of yachts between parties who already know each other, and are either good friends or family members, to broker the sale so that both parties remain friendly during and after the sale. We give highest priority to our repeat clients and referrals. The success started with our founder and mentor, Chuck Hovey, who was selling Grand Banks in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and Hatteras Yachts in the 1980’s, and then Fleming Yachts starting in 1986. All are successful boat lines, still in production today, and Chuck’s selling and customer service style contribute­d to this success on the west coast, and continues to this day. We strive daily to maintain these high standards and customer service first mentality, which was initially set in motion by the example set by Chuck Hovey PMY: Was Chuck Hovey Yachts involved from the beginning with Fleming Yachts?

BRIAN HOVEY: Yes, back in 1986 Chuck Hovey Yachts was the sole dealer for Fleming Yachts, before the world knew how successful Fleming Yachts would become. At that time Tony Fleming had only recently left American Marine building Grand Banks yachts, and Chuck Hovey provided Fleming with the first three retail boat orders, which were at the time required to start the initial Fleming production. In fact, since 1986 Chuck Hovey Yachts will have gone on to sell the first retail Fleming 50, 53, 55, 65, 72, 75, and 78! Chuck Hovey was instrument­al in encouragin­g Tony Fleming to place his personal name on the boat line, and communicat­ed the market feedback refinement­s to Tony which were incorporat­ed into the various future models. Chuck Hovey and Tony Fleming both stay busy, however they have taken a back seat several years ago to make room for the next generation, who continue to carry the values and quality set forth by these true pioneers and legends in the boating world.

PMY: How do you see the boat business going forward and how are you equipped to handle the challenges of the future?

BRIAN HOVEY: We believe the current boat clients and customers of the future are very service oriented. The purchase and sale experience nowadays needs to extend beyond simply obtaining the boat, it must involve the brokerage handling the many details like arranging for boat slips and crew choices and boat accessoriz­ing. For example we enacted a process now where our buyers of new and brokerage Fleming Yachts, who purchase a boat through us, are offered a multi-day extensive vessel system orientatio­n and systems training process, including training for both husband and wife in many instances. Our cruising clients also expect basic concierge service, which is made easier by utilizing our three west coast offices located in San Diego, Newport Beach and Seattle, all with display slips and local services available nearby.

 ??  ?? New Fleming 65 number 50 - currently in the commission­ing and delivery process at the CHY service docks in Newport Beach, CA.
New Fleming 65 number 50 - currently in the commission­ing and delivery process at the CHY service docks in Newport Beach, CA.
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