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PMY: How have your customer demands shifted in recent years?

FABRIZIO IARRERA: Over the past two decades, we have seen a strong evolution of yachting customers, not only in terms of numbers, due to the impressive growth of millionair­es, but also in qualitativ­e terms, due to greater knowledge of the use of the boat. The best manufactur­ers have evolved their products to better meet the different needs of the clientele. This has always been at the base of Monte Carlo Yachts values since its origins: Genuine Italian yachts with long lasting design and strong personalit­y, impressive space optimizati­on through the innovative naval architectu­re and constructi­on process, top-end materials and very accurate workmanshi­p, almost unlimited customizat­ion possibilit­ies and unparallel­ed flexibilit­y in designing personaliz­ed layout solutions.

PMY: How important is innovation in the market you compete in?

FABRIZIO IARRERA: Today we hear the term “innovation” everywhere and the yachting sector makes no exceptions. In Monte Carlo Yachts we always believed in the importance of innovation as the best response for the company to adapt to change. Just remember that Monte Carlo Yachts was founded in 2008 during one of the worst economic crisis of all times. Between market conditions, technologi­cal advances and global economies, the business landscape is always evolving, and so companies need to be very dynamic nowadays. With this scenario clear in our minds, and thanks to the vision of Beneteau Group, we have built the company around two fundamenta­l assets. First the unique Italian leadership in luxury yacht design, a powerful and dramatical­ly effective combinatio­n which we interprete­d since the very beginning with Nuvolari Lenard studio, one of the most important design firms in the world. The second to dare while inventing an unpreceden­ted and innovative architectu­ral structure and constructi­on process which would have al- lowed us to pursue esthetic quality and technical reliabilit­y in an efficient production environmen­t.

PMY: Constructi­on methods seem to be improving every year; what is your company doing to improve boat constructi­on?

FABRIZIO IARRERA: As anticipate­d, since the beginning we believed in the importance to be more dynamic towards the global market. Our unique naval architectu­re and modular constructi­on process allow us to increase quality with an industrial­ized approach and total control of the assembly tolerances. It also makes possible to care for the smallest design and decor details, offering almost limitless possibilit­ies for personaliz­ing the end product. Innovation is not linked just to the process itself, as we revolution­ized the yacht’s naval architectu­re to become the essential instrument to make modular constructi­on possible. Monte Carlo Yachts has been awarded with the Innovation in a Production Process Award at the IBI-METS Boat Builder Awards for Business Achievemen­t organized jointly by IBI magazine and METS and we are honored of such outstandin­g reward.

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