Power & Motor Yacht

Inspired interiors crafted with pride.


AMarlow Explorer interior is the perfect blending of old world craftsmans­hip with space age materials to create an environmen­t that is inspiratio­nal and distinct to Marlow.

In an effort to preserve our valuable teak forests throughout the world each Explorer interior is crafted from a single teak log. This ensures that the grain is all cross-matched and each yacht is consistent in appearance.

Taking a note from the aviation industry, the use of honey-combed core material saves weight and provides a strong and durable base for many of our surfaces which don’t require solid wood or stone fabricatio­n. A simple drawer tells the story of the pride our craftsmen take in their efforts; dovetail joints, a solid wood bottom and not a single razor blades width seam visible anywhere. Next, examine the finish in either gloss or matte, perfectly applied and sanded to a glass smooth surface on the wood. In a word… Perfect.

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