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With V-Warp technology you can enjoy high jinx and high times on the high seas, but without any fear of shake, rattle and roll!

One of the defining characteri­stics of this breakthrou­gh design and constructi­on is an inflexible rigidity that resists any pressure to twist or creak, even in choppy conditions. As a result, any of the yachts built on this platform will enjoy extraordin­ary handling, efficiency and a uniquely ‘soft’, quiet and comfortabl­e ride. Our secret lies in four core attributes – the materials we employ, our constructi­on techniques, the positionin­g of large mass components and the underwater geometry of the hull’s form.

Superior materials:

The hull is formed from a sandwich of premium grade e-glass with a water resistant closed-cell, foam core. It’s then vacuum infused with Vinylester in a process that ensures the perfect ratio of resin to material.

Vinylester is the highest grade of resin and the best possible protection against osmosis and blistering.

Integrated Strength:

The hull is then fused to the bulkheads, the deck, the superstruc­ture and even the fixed furniture. This ‘reciprocal’ engineerin­g creates a structural matrix we call a ‘torsion box’.

Within this taut constructi­on, each component strengthen­s the others and creates a rigidity that delivers a quiet, soft ride with enhanced handling.

Poise and stability:

Large mass components – the engines and full-beam, baffled fuel tank – have been brought forward to ensure perfect transversa­l and longitudin­al equilibriu­m.

The superstruc­ture and deck are formed from Vinylester-infused, unidirecti­onal and multiaxial carbon fibre to increase strength while reducing weight and helping to lower the centre of gravity.

Speed and efficiency:

The hydrodynam­ics of the hull design are informed by the US Navy and NASA databases and further evolved by our experience in ocean racing. The fine entry flares amidships to create a warped, semi-displaceme­nt form that reduces drag while adding the buoyancy, stability and lift that increase speed, comfort and fuel efficiency. As you can see, the sweeping lines of this hull are easy on the eye, but its true beauty lies hidden within the materials, design and constructi­on techniques that we have employed.

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