Roll On, Roll Off

Power & Motor Yacht - - BOATYARD TIP - By Capt. Bill Pike

Let’s say you need to do a lit­tle fiber­glass work. And the job you en­vi­sion en­tails the busi­ness end of an angle grinder, a cou­ple of sand­ing blocks, a pair of gog­gles and a hot, sweaty res­pi­ra­tor. Most likely, at the start of the project, you will also en­vi­sion the way you are go­ing to feel at the end of the day, with var­i­ous parts of your anatomy cov­ered with mil­lions of minute shards of fi­brous fiber­glass and lots of fiber­glass dust.

There’s only one word that does jus­tice to this shardsy, dusty feel­ing—itchy! In­deed, there’s lit­tle doubt that be­ing cov­ered with the residue from a day spent do­ing fiber­glass re­pairs is one of the itchi­est states a per­son can get him­self into. And what heaps even more mis­ery upon the sit­u­a­tion is the fact that there’s re­ally no way to get the stuff off.

We all know show­er­ing won’t do it, whether with hot or cold wa­ter. Tow­el­ing thor­oughly won’t do it ei­ther, and nei­ther will plain ol’ scrap­ing. The only thing that seems to re­ally do the trick is time—sim­ply al­low­ing the pas­sage of time to wear the darn stuff away. An itchy so­lu­tion if ever there was one.

But wait! Here’s a cool idea I tried re­cently with suc­cess. Be­fore you even go near your fiber­glass re­pair job, pay a visit to your lo­cal hard­ware store, big-box mer­can­tile or su­per­mar­ket and pick up a cou­ple of roller-type lint re­movers. Then, af­ter a hard day be­hind your grinder or sander, go over your fore­arms, hands, neck and shoul­ders with a big, trusty lint roller, mak­ing sure to promptly re­move each paper layer as it be­comes clogged. Then, and only then, take a nice hot shower, un­en­cum­bered by fiber­glass shards and dust.

Try it. I think you’ll like it.

For­get to wear a long-sleeved shirt when grind­ing fiber­glass? Nix that dust with a lint roller.

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