This shirt lets you en­joy the sun—with­out the burn.

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The Bluefin Sec­ond Skin So­lar Top is per­fect for fun in the sun or bat­tling big game on the high seas.

No one likes sun­burn, es­pe­cially not on the first day of a cruise. If a nightly aloe lather isn’t your style, you’ve prob­a­bly con­sid­ered—or even own—a sun shirt. Some­times they have fancy names like rash­guards or so­lar shirts, but when it comes down to it, their task is sim­ple: pro­tect your skin from the sun’s harm­ful UV rays. But let’s be hon­est—out­side of its typ­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion, like sport­fish­ing, sun shirts aren’t ex­actly cool. We’re fine out­fit­ting our kids in them to pro­tect their del­i­cate skin, but we’d of­ten rather burn than be seen wear­ing a tight­fit­ting, long-sleeved shirt while snorke­l­ing.

En­ter the Bluefin Sec­ond Skin So­lar Top. I won’t pre­tend it’s bet­ter look­ing than its brethren be­cause, well, it’s not. Some have a gi­ant col­lage oc­to­pus plas­tered on the front. But where it does ex­cel is com­fort, breatha­bil­ity and wick­ing power. I wore it on a few days that started out chilly and ap­pre­ci­ated the long sleeves. But when the day got warmer, I didn’t need to roll up the sleeves to cool down. The armpit vents are a nice touch, al­though mine got dis­col­ored af­ter just a few wears. (I’d like to think this isn’t be­cause I’m a par­tic­u­larly sweaty per­son, but the jury’s still out on that one.) The mi­crofiber-span­dex blend is soft to the touch and pro­vides SPF 40—50 for the women’s ver­sion—so you don’t have to worry about load­ing up on sun­screen.

Even if you don’t plan to wear it ev­ery day, the So­lar Top (start­ing at $41) is a worth­while ad­di­tion to your dry bag for long days fish­ing or loung­ing by the wa­ter. It comes in an im­pres­sive range of sizes (con­sider or­der­ing a size up since it runs a lit­tle snug) and de­signs, so there’s some­thing for ev­ery­one.

If you don’t want the has­sle of reap­ply­ing sun­screen ev­ery two hours like der­ma­tol­o­gists rec­om­mend, this shirt has you cov­ered. You might not be the coolest per­son on the docks, but that seems a small price to pay for avoid­ing a burn—or worse.

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