ZEROMONIE NICK­NAME: Moose OC­CU­PA­TION: Jumper HOME­TOWNS: Wellington, Florida, and Al­ces­ter, Eng­land BA­SIC STATS: 10-year-old, 16.3-hand Hol­steiner mare SIRE: Cero II DAM: Toulouse ZER­E­MONIE’S PEO­PLE OWNER: Old Wil­low Farms RIDER: Laura Kraut BARN MAN­AGER

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also rid­den out once or twice a week on a 3-mile loop fol­low­ing lo­cal roads into the neigh­bor­ing hills. She also en­joys graz­ing in her grassy pad­dock for sev­eral hours each day. “She never picks her head up,” says Mary Eliz­a­beth.

In the barn, Moose spends her time ei­ther watch­ing out her stall win­dows—one looks out to­ward the ring and the other opens into the barn aisle—or sleep­ing. “She takes a lot of naps, even at horse shows,” says Mary Eliz­a­beth. “She doesn’t care what’s go­ing on around her stall. She’s al­ways cov­ered with shav­ings in the morn­ing—and other times of the day, too.”

Friendly and easy­go­ing with both peo­ple and other horses, Moose adores at­ten­tion. Most im­por­tantly, “she is ruled by food,” says Mary Eliz­a­beth. “She loves cook­ies, treats and pep­per­mints.”

Moose’s healthy ap­petite serves her well in her worldly trav­els,

which have in­cluded fre­quent trips be­tween Europe and the U.S. as well as more re­mote des­ti­na­tions, such as China and Brazil. Many coun­tries don’t al­low rid­ers to bring along the grains that their horses are ac­cus­tomed to eat­ing at home, so they of­ten have to switch feeds. That’s no prob­lem for this happy glo­be­trot­ter, says Mary Eliz­a­beth. “She’s not one to go off her feed.”

De­spite her “steel stom­ach,” Moose re­ceives Gas­troGard when she com­petes as a pre­ven­tive mea­sure to pro­tect her from gas­tric ul­cers, which are un­for­tu­nately ex­tremely com­mon among show horses.

Her two daily meals of low-en­ergy pel­lets are sup­ple­mented with Re­mardTM To­tal Joint Care Per­for­mance and To­tal Blood Flu­ids Mus­cle. In the States, she also eats three meals of ti­mothy hay. In Eng­land, she eats hay­lage, a tra­di­tional Bri­tish for­age con­sist­ing of grasses sealed in plas­tic wrap im­me­di­ately af­ter cut­ting and pre­served by the fer­men­ta­tion process re­sult­ing from the air-tight, high-mois­ture con­di­tions.

Be­fore trav­el­ing, Moose al­ways re­ceives a bran mash. Al­though she isn’t es­pe­cially mare-ish, she is also kept on a rou­tine oral dose of Regu-mate dur­ing the show sea­son. “She just be­comes a lit­tle mood­ier when she’s in heat,” says Mary Eliz­a­beth. The syn­thetic hor­mones en­sure that her heat symp­toms don’t dis­tract her—or any nearby stal­lions—at com­pe­ti­tions.

OTHER CARE: Moose wears nor­mal shoes, rou­tinely re­placed ev­ery five weeks. At home, she wears reg­u­lar sta­ble ban­dages in her stall. Af­ter jump schools and com­pe­ti­tions, she stands in ice boots. Ra­mard ReliefGelTM is then ap­plied to her legs un­der­neath her sta­ble wraps.

At shows, body­work spe­cial­ists stretch and mas­sage her be­fore classes—and some­times in be­tween rounds. She also en­joys acupunc­ture and mas­sage blan­kets. “We be­lieve that any phys­i­cal ther­apy is ben­e­fi­cial,” says Mary Eliz­a­beth.

Laura and Zer­e­monie put in a dou­ble-clear round at the 2016 Barcelona CSI***** Fu­rusiyya FEI Na­tions Cup Final, which helped the U.S. team se­cure bronze.

Laura and Zer­e­monie went dou­ble clear in rounds 1 and 2 at the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Na­tions Cup CSIO***** at CHIO Aachen, earn­ing team sil­ver, and Zer­e­monie was awarded the Halla Chal­lenge Tro­phy for be­ing the lead­ing jumper of the show.

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