Sharon White and Coo­ley On Show

Practical Horseman - - Cross Country With Jim Wofford -

Sharon White and Coo­ley On Show (Louie) had a lot to prove. Ken­tucky did not go well for them last year and they are ob­vi­ously jumping with re­newed de­ter­mi­na­tion. Louie is one of the best jumpers in the busi­ness and he has jumped the Fallen Log at Fence 15A a lit­tle too boldly and is drift­ing off the cor­rect path. Fence 15B, an iden­ti­cal log, is set off to the left a few strides away. Sharon has her eyes fixed firmly on their line and is al­ready mak­ing the nec­es­sary corrections. Her open left rein and the pres­sure of her right leg will put Louie back on the right track. There are rid­ers who make it hap­pen, rid­ers who watch it hap­pen and rid­ers who won­der, “What hap­pened?” Sharon and Louie are mak­ing it hap­pen.

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