Lose Weight at Any Age

Need some slim-down in­spi­ra­tion? Get fired up with three women who shed pounds while do­ing Pre­ven­tion ’s DVD pro­gram Tone Up in 15.


I’ve tried a lot of dif­fer­ent things to lose weight, but I haven’t had great suc­cess with them—they’ve ei­ther been too ex­pen­sive or too com­pli­cated. With other pro­grams, I didn’t re­ally have the time to tackle ma­jor work­outs, but Tone Up in 15 was easy to fit in!

I’m a ridicu­lously picky eater, and I don’t like many healthy foods. When I was faced with hav­ing only 1,200 calo­ries a day, I didn’t know what I was go­ing to eat, but Larysa says you can eat al­most what­ever you want as long as it stays within the calo­rie count. I couldn’t go eat a big old tub of ice cream, but af­ter a while I got the hang of it and learned to ex­pand my palate. For ex­am­ple, be­fore the pro­gram, I hated yogurt, but then I found one I liked.

I ate lots of grapes and string cheese and drank mostly wa­ter.

When Larysa said each work­out would be only 15 min­utes, I thought, There’s no way that’s enough. I fig­ured I’d have to stay at the gym for hours ev­ery day to make a dif­fer­ence, but 15 min­utes ac­tu­ally worked! Some of the ex­er­cises tired me out, and gosh, I was hurt­ing the next day. I thought, I ac­tu­ally feel this. A good sur­prise!

The ex­er­cise part of the pro­gram fit into my sched­ule well—I like work­ing out early in the morn­ing be­cause it gets me go­ing for the day, but later in the day ended up be­ing bet­ter. Af­ter work, I would come home and start to wind down a bit and do the ex­er­cises af­ter my 10-year-old son went

to bed. I par­tic­u­larly liked the box­ing part of it.

I didn’t think I’d be able to stick with the pro­gram, but it’s much eas­ier than you think. It be­came part of my life with­out hav­ing to ad­just much of my rou­tine, which ev­ery other pro­gram in­ter­fered with.

It also to­tally changed how I think about ex­er­cise and eat­ing in gen­eral. I’m not eat­ing as much junk as be­fore—and I used to be the per­son who al­ways had candy in her bag. I wasn’t do­ing any ex­er­cise at all, even though I have a free gym mem­ber­ship at my job, and now I’m work­ing out three or four days a week, and it’s ac­tu­ally en­joy­able! I have more en­ergy. I don’t feel as heavy, and I don’t mean just weight-wise. I don’t feel as weighted down emo­tion­ally. I feel lighter and health­ier over­all.

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