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This tar­gets a host of mus­cles—your quads, glutes, hip flex­ors, calves, ham­strings, in­ner thighs, and even your core, chest, and shoul­ders. Plus, it’ll get your heart rac­ing, mak­ing it the ul­ti­mate power move, says Larysa DiDio, host of Pre­ven­tion’s video pro­gram Tone Up in 15 (pre­ven­

1 Start in plank po­si­tion with your shoul­ders over your wrists and your belly tight­ened.

2 Lean into your hands and jump your feet into a “frog” po­si­tion, land­ing with feet wide, knees bent.

3 En­gage your core and jump back into plank po­si­tion with your feet land­ing to­gether and your butt in align­ment with your body.

4 That’s one rep. Do 8 to 12. v

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