Detox your body - ev­ery day!

If you are feel­ing ex­hausted and in need of re­vi­tal­iza­tion, you should con­sider a detox or cleanse. With Ac­tive LiverTM you have the tool to do this gen­tly and on a daily ba­sis.

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Each day, our liver is work­ing hard to re­move waste prod­ucts and tox­ins from pro­cessed foods, un­clean air, wa­ter and even our own body. But as we get ex­posed to in­creas­ingly more tox­ins, the liver strug­gles to re­move them all and can start stor­ing them in our body fat. We quickly may no­tice the re­sults in our en­ergy lev­els, in our lack of youth­ful ap­pear­ance – and sur­pris­ingly, on our waist­lines.


A detox, like a wa­ter or juice fast, is an ex­cel­lent way to rid the body of stored tox­ins, but it is of­ten dif­fi­cult to abide by, and in­volves days or even weeks of feel­ing tired and sick. How­ever, there are other ways.


Ac­tive LiverTM is a di­etary sup­ple­ment that helps pro­mote a healthy liver and helps you detox on a daily ba­sis – all year round. With just one tablet a day, it gen­tly but ef­fec­tively uses known her­bal ex­tracts to fa­cil­i­tate detox­ing of the body – with­out the “side ef­fects”.

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