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So, what are you go­ing to eat for the next 19 days? There isn’t a magic meal or shake that’s go­ing to do the work for you—but you can’t eat ab­so­lutely any­thing you want ei­ther. A day of cheese­cake and french fries isn’t go­ing to give you the nutri­tion you need, nor will it keep you sat­is­fied when you’re in the Red Zone. Jorge says you don’t have to count calo­ries, but fol­low these guide­lines to make choices that are good for your body.

How to fill your plate

Ev­ery time you eat, think about build­ing a var­ied plate of vi­brant food that will re­ally fill you up.

Some of Jorge’s fa­vorite go-tos are Greek sal­ads, por­to­bello mush­room piz­zas, and cashew chicken with veg­gies. Find these recipes and 16 more by fol­low­ing along at pre­ven­ be­gin­ning Jan­uary 6.


as in olive oil, nuts, and av­o­cado


from veg­gies and whole grains


from chicken, eggs, salmon, and other lean, nu­tri­ent-dense foods

What to avoid

The usual bad­dies: sugar, overly pro­cessed carbs, and foods high in sat­u­rated fat. Maybe you’ve tried to cut these out be­fore, but here’s why it’s go­ing to be eas­ier this time: You’ve got only eight hours to eat— why waste it on food that’s not go­ing to give you en­ergy? You do not want

to be hun­gry two hours into the Red Zone! Use your Blue Zone time to fill up on yummy food that will work as hard for you as you are work­ing to lose weight.

How to “cheat” your fast

Jorge’s best se­cret to adopt­ing his Cruise Con­trol way of eat­ing: Eat when you’re sup­posed to be fast­ing! Not just any­thing, of course, but a treat that’ll both taste good and be eas­ily di­gested. Have a Cruise Con­trol cof­fee (that’s cof­fee with a ta­ble­spoon each of cream and but­ter) or a chia smoothie made with wa­ter and a plant­based sweet­ener like ste­via (Jorge loves fla­vored Sweet­Leaf drops).

Crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet: Jorge has you cov­ered be­tween meals in the Blue Zone.

• Frozen grapes

• Toasted chickpeas

• Macadamia nuts

• Av­o­cado sprin­kled with sea salt

• Straw­ber­ries and whipped cream

It also helps to eat in a tran­quil set­ting so you can pay at­ten­tion to the sub­tle shift that hap­pens when you eat a meal and feel sat­is­fied.You have to be alert for it.

Won’t my metabolism slow down if I don’t eat for long stretches of time?

Think about our hu­man an­ces­tors:They wouldn’t have sur­vived if their me­tab­o­lisms hadn’t kept work­ing when they weren’t eat­ing.Those hunter­gath­er­ers were out seek­ing an­i­mals for din­ner and for­ag­ing in the for­est for plant foods.They needed to have revved me­tab­o­lisms, es­pe­cially when food was scarce, so they could chase prey when they found it.Their pat­tern of feast­ing and fast­ing, sim­i­lar to our Blue Zone and Red Zone, pre­served mus­cle mass and boosted meta­bolic func­tion. If you try to live on muffins, en­ergy bars, and skinny lat­tes, then yes, your metabolism will slow down. Why?Your in­sulin will be spik­ing reg­u­larly, so you’ll crave more food and your body will turn the calo­ries you eat into fat. But that’s not how the 19-Day Weight-Loss Plan is go­ing to work!

Can I take a day off?

I wish I could tell you yes! If you stick with the Blue and Red Zones be­yond 19 days, then yes, take a day’s break ev­ery 10 days, or even a few days if you need to—that’s key for sus­tain­abil­ity and life en­joy­ment. But for now, re­mem­ber that the closer you stick to the 8/16 plan, the bet­ter and faster the re­sults. And trust me:The peo­ple I’ve worked with on my Cruise Con­trol diet all tell me they don’t feel as if they are on a diet at all.

19 days seems like a long time. How am I go­ing to do this?

Get a friend to join you. You’re more likely to stay with it and find suc­cess if you have sup­port. Re­mem­ber, you are the driver of your life. That means you have the power to sur­round your­self with healthy, lov­ing peo­ple, not en­ergy vam­pires or neg­a­tive, judg­men­tal types. Don’t have some­one to do this with you? I’ve got a com­mu­nity for you: Visit us at cruisec­on­trol­fast­ any­time.

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