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Plant-based butters like shea butter and cocoa butter are tops for keeping skin and hair smooth and hydrated—and there’s a new one angling for a place in your beauty routine. Murumuru butter is extracted from the rich whiteyello­w fat found in seeds that fall from a type of palm tree in the Amazon rain forest called Astrocaryu­m murumuru (they’re harvested sustainabl­y!). Skincare, hair, and beauty brands are now infusing the ingredient into face creams, conditione­rs, and even brushes and bronzers. It gives products a creamy texture that melts into skin and hair to help seal in moisture. “The unique fatty acids in murumuru butter are great at penetratin­g skin and hair shafts, which improves skin texture, helps tame frizz, and adds shine to hair,” says Dylan Greeney, M.D., a dermatolog­ist in Evansville, IN. It’s also high in vitamin A, known for its anti-aging effects on skin. Plus, it’s safe to use on all skin types. Look for murumuru butter on the product label, and “the fewer ingredient­s, the better,” Dr. Greeney adds.

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