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A healthy metabolism is the foundation of good health. Here’s how we can achieve metabolic mastery with the right nutritiona­l support.


Metabolism, which controls everything in the body, can be slowed down by bad diets and poor nutrition and is at the root of many diseases. The answer to a stronger metabolism starts with fueling the body with the right combinatio­n of high-quality nutrients. An innovative low-glycemic and high-protein supplement, called Almased, can help us achieve metabolic mastery.


Even when we do try to eat right and exercise, our bodies still need extra help to light the fires of our glucose-burning furnace that’s necessary for optimal health. Knowing this, in 1985 German holistic therapist Hubertus

Trouillé developed a low-glycemic high-protein formula to be used as nutritiona­l therapy by his patients with slow metabolism.

Trouillé discovered that the formula not only helped his patients increase metabolism but also maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Trouillé’s unique formula, called Almased, has been scientific­ally studied for over 30 years. Almased is a natural, ready-to-mix diabetic-friendly formula designed using a few carefully selected ingredient­s of the highest quality to speed up metabolism and support healthy blood sugar. By reprogramm­ing how the body metabolize­s certain nutrients, weight loss can happen naturally.

A breakthrou­gh 2020 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that

“I lost 45 lbs and have kept it off! I feel amazing, and love what I see in the mirror.” SONDRA W.

Almased helps people gain more energy, burn more fat and lose more weight than regular diets. The researcher­s showed that Almased boosts thermogene­sis — the generation of energy and heat from burning carbs and fat — as a sign of a higher metabolic rate. This study, and others, show that by just adding the proper fuel to increase our metabolism, an avalanche of improvemen­ts can follow.


Many people feel trapped in an endless cycle of medication­s, especially people with type 2 diabetes. While it is true that diet and nutritiona­l supplement­s cannot take the place of prescripti­ons, that is precisely why high-protein and low-glycemic nutrition is so valuable. Why? Because diet and proper nutrients help support

glucose health from the foundation of our body’s systems up — not masking symptoms or suppressin­g the body’s natural processes.

Diabetic-friendly Almased is low in sugar and takes the place of meals that are high in fat and sugar but low in nutrition. When we eat less sugar, the body is better able to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Almased’s ability to curb cravings with its high-protein goodness means that the diet becomes easier to stick to, which gives us more energy and supports a healthier metabolism.

You can optimize your metabolism, support healthy blood sugar levels, and increase natural fat burning with a diet that includes Almased — find the right plan for you at

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 ?? ?? Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN Jamie is a Registered Dietitian who specialize­s in weight management and nutrition communicat­ion.
Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN Jamie is a Registered Dietitian who specialize­s in weight management and nutrition communicat­ion.
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