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There’s something you do every single day that can help support the planet: You eat! Each of these brands has a sustainabl­e footprint. Together, they make a big difference, and by choosing them, you can be a change maker too.



Instead of being thrown out, cacaofruit pulp is mixed with nuts, seeds, and other fruits to create delicious upcycled bites. Production is powered by wind, and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Rind Snacks

Did you know you can eat the entire kiwi or orange slice, peel too? Most of us don’t, which is one reason so much produce ends up as food waste each year. The rind holds precious nutrients, so this company saved more than 300,000 pounds

of it in 2021 and turned it into snacks.

Lundberg Family Farms

This supplier of pantry staples prioritize­s soil health to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, utilizes solar energy, and was recognized by the EPA in 2020 for its efforts. All that means you’ll feel even better cooking up the brand’s grains or crunching on its rice cake minis.


Misshapen sweet potatoes taste just as sweet, but millions of flawed ones end up going to waste. Spudsy snatches up these spuds and turns them into yummy puffed snacks.


From the aged Cheddar to the yogurt and ice cream, everything is delicious—but it’s this

dairy company’s behindthe-scenes actions that set it apart. In September 2020, it donated 10% of that month’s profits to farmers to help protect at-risk farmland and made a pledge to reduce food waste among its operations and suppliers by 50% by 2030.

Blue Circle

Get restaurant-quality fish fillets and seafood products delivered at an affordable price. The brand meets strict sustainabi­lity and traceabili­ty requiremen­ts.

Ithaca Hummus

Chickpeas are an ecofriendl­y crop, contributi­ng to instead of depleting soil health and using much less water than livestock do. What makes this brand a green standout: The packaging is 100% recyclable and contains 30% less plastic than competitor­s’.

Dirt Kitchen Snacks

Eating plants is good for the planet, and these Air Dried Veggie Crisps are sustainabl­e and tasty: Rescued imperfect or surplus produce becomes a good-for-you snack.

Willa’s Kitchen

Oat milk is a sustainabl­e alternativ­e to dairy milk, and this company uses the entire oat for max nutrition and flavor as well as less food waste. And this will make you smile: The recipe is the original one used by the founders’ grandma.

Patagonia Provisions

These venison sticks are the perfect lean protein bites, but here’s the coolest part: The brand partners with Maui Nui Venison to humanely harvest an invasive deer species in Hawaii; this helps preserve the ecosystem and conserve the venison source. Its buffalo jerky supports similar efforts in the Great Plains.

Daily Harvest

Making your diet a little more plant-based cuts your carbon footprint, and this produce-driven company wants to make it as easy (and Earth-friendly!) as possible. You can order smoothies, grain bowls, flatbreads, ice cream, nut milks, and more—but the plant food isn’t the only all-star here. The packaging, from meal containers to dry-ice liners, is recyclable or compostabl­e.

Misfits Market This

subscripti­on service tackles food waste by selling landfill-bound food (it’s safe to eat, just a little imperfect) at a discount. Each week, get a box filled with a range of items: produce, meat and seafood, pantry items,

and snacks.

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