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Cod stars in the meal on page 12, but there are plenty of other, well, fish in the sea. Jaclyn London, M.S., R.D.N., a NYC– based registered dietitian, author, and podcast host, offers some underrated fish to try.



“This flaky white fish is one of my favorites.

It’s low in saturated fat and protein-packed, and it provides omega-3 fatty acids,” London says. “It’s a sustainabl­e choice, and there’s a low risk of contaminan­ts like mercury because it’s raised in contained environmen­ts or wildcaught in coastal areas.”


With a texture that’s a cross between that of lobster and that of whitefish, monkfish offers a hearty bite filled with lean protein, B vitamins, potassium, and immune-supporting selenium, London says. Its sturdiness makes it great in soups or stews and grilled or roasted.


Despite being a type of dolphinfis­h, “It’s not the mammal—mahi-mahi is a species of finfish,” says London. It’s lower in omega-3s than fattier types of seafood like salmon and tuna, but high in protein; try to find it caught in the Atlantic rather than the Pacific, as there appears to be less risk of overfishin­g there. “The texture is firm, making it perfect for fish tacos, and it pairs well with fruit-based glazes, marinades, or salsas,” says London.


Squid provides more DHA (a type of omega-3) than other seafood as well as key nutrients like copper, zinc, and selenium, all needed for good cellular function. When ordering at restaurant­s, read the menu: “Calamari” typically means it’s breaded or battered and deep-fried, and it’s better to choose options that are grilled, sautéed, in a sauce, or

even raw, London says.

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