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Capers give this month’s dish its distinct tang, but they’re more than just a flavor lender—they contain important antioxidan­ts and vitamins. Other condiments that will boost your meal:



This Chinese staple, also known as fermented black beans, is actually made from black soybeans, and the fermentati­on creates gut-friendly bacteria that can improve digestion, says Laura Iu, R.D., a certified intuitive eating counselor in

New York City. Used as a sauce base, douchi are also rich in powerful antioxidan­ts. You can order douchi or jarred black bean sauce from Amazon or


“This is the Hindi name for a pickled food, commonly made from mango, lime, green chile, carrot, and turmeric,” says Vandana Sheth, R.D.N., author of My Indian Table: Quick & Tasty Vegetarian Recipes. Achar delivers bold flavor, antioxidan­ts, antiinflam­matory ingredient­s, and probiotics. Some of Sheth’s favorite brands include Mother’s Recipe, Rani, and Patak’s, all available from Amazon.


This condiment is made from hot Calabrian chile peppers, olive oil, salt, and vinegar. The capsaicin in chiles supports digestion and circulatio­n,

Sheth says, and the paste is tasty on meat, veggies, pizza, eggs, you name it. Browse supermarke­ or try TuttoCalab­ria or Firelli hot sauce from Amazon.


“Every culture has a condiment that dates back centuries; the history is as rich as the flavor and health benefits,” Iu says. This Egyptian spice mix is a perfect example: Each blend is different but features nuts, sesame seeds, and spices. Check out Skordo, Good & Gather, or the dukkah-inspired topping Ami Ami.

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