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Taking Charge of Their Health and Aging


Television personalit­y and author of Why Did I Come Into This Room? Joan Lunden, and her daughter Jamie Hess, a wellness mentor (@NYCfitfam), believe in empowering discussion­s on women’s health and aging.

Here they tackle a common issue that impacts 1 in 3 women—bladder leakage.

Q: Why is it important to talk about bladder leakage?

(Joan) The embarrassm­ent of leakage, which can happen to women at any age, can be isolating. In my book, I wanted to talk about aging in a way that’s honest, relatable and shareable. I even have a chapter titled, “Sometimes I Laugh So Hard, Tears Run Down My Legs!” Many women may not think bladder leakage is common…and many are too scared to talk about it.

Q: What causes bladder leakage?

(Joan) Bladder leakage is usually caused by Stress Urinary Incontinen­ce

(SUI). It occurs when simple movements put pressure on the bladder. To strengthen the pelvic floor, women have been told for years to do their Kegels. But the problem is…50% of women are unable to do a Kegel correctly! (Jamie) I struggled with leakage after childbirth and I can tell you that pads and leakproof undies don’t get to the heart of the issue, and let’s face it, they’re embarrassi­ng, too!

Q: How does INNOVO work?

(Jamie) INNOVO gave me a life-changing, non-invasive solution that delivers pelvic floor strengthen­ing Kegels with the push of a button. I wear INNOVO smart shorts for 30 minutes a day. It’s discreet, no prescripti­on is needed, and it’s easy to use at home.

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