Public News (Houston) - - PUBLIC NEWS #38 - by Bart Pearston

Re­mem­ber that old joke about how can you tell if a ca­reer politi­cian is ly­ing? An­swer: Her lips are mov­ing.

In the re­cent con­fu­sion of ex­actly what Hil­lary ac­tu­ally stands for I came up with this:

o Coverup of Use of per­sonal email for of­fi­cial busi­ness ALL in vi­o­la­tion of Fed­eral Records Act.

o Wall Street speak­ing fees were ok be­cause she was not run­ning for of­fice; THEN af­ter run­ning, their do­na­tions are ok.

o Against com­bat troops in Mideast; BUT spe­cial forces ok.

o Hawk for in­vad­ing Iraq, urged regime change in Libya, and Syria; THEN, Oops, Iraq was a ‘mis­take.

o Wants ‘no-fly’ zone in Syria. So US jets will or would have shot down Rus­sian jets sup­port­ing As­sad? o For, THEN against pri­vate pris­ons. o “Proud to be a mod­er­ate,” and THEN a “pro­gres­sive.”

o SU­PER DUPER ‘Em­bel­lish­ments’ to her Re­sume: “Corkscrew land­ing, run­ning through sniper fire, life on line, just like our war­riors.” THEN, “Oops, did not hap­pen.” o Against, THEN for gay mar­riage. o For Hil­larycare, THEN against Oba­macare, THEN for Oba­macare, THEN against Univer­sal Health­care.

o Against Glass-Stea­gall, and ab­so­lutely NOT in­flu­enced by $1.8 mil­lion from 8 speeches to bankers.

o At­tack on Sin­gle Payer Health­care ab­so­lutely NOT in­flu­enced by $2.8 mil­lion from 13 speeches to health in­dus­try. o For Key­stone Pipeline, THEN against it. o Pro-frack­ing. o For NAFTA, and TPP, say­ing “TPP IS THE GOLD STAN­DARD IN TRADE AGREE­MENTS,” THEN against TPP.

o For out­sourc­ing to In­dia, THEN US job loss is an is­sue.

o Op­posed en­try of kids es­cap­ing mur­der­ous regimes in Cen­tral Amer­ica (“Send them back as a mes­sage”), THEN such chil­dren should have ac­cess to lawyers and not be held in fam­ily pris­ons.

o Op­posed driv­ers li­censes for un­doc­u­mented, THEN sup­ports them.

o Against il­le­gals, need stronger bor­ders, stop hir­ing of il­le­gals; THEN sup­ports Dream­ers.

o She lob­bied Congress to ex­pand the drug war and mass in­car­cer­a­tion in ways that we con­tinue to live with today, and that have a sig­nif­i­cantly more harm­ful im­pact on black and brown peo­ple than white peo­ple; BUT now we have more peo­ple in jail than any other coun­try in the world, in­clud­ing China with four times our pop­u­la­tion

o Touts her role in Wel­fare re­form: “By the time Bill and I left the White House, wel­fare rolls had dropped 60 per­cent.” BUT the 60% drop was due to a re­duc­tion in fed­eral ben­e­fits to those liv­ing in poverty, many of them work­ing poor.

o Clin­ton Fam­ily / Foun­da­tion ac­cepted cash from 20 for­eign gov­ern­ments, while Hil­lary’s State Depart­ment ap­proved $151 bil­lion, then ad­di­tional $163 bil­lion of weapons ex­ports to such govts, in­clud­ing those w/ sys­tem­atic hu­man rights abuses (eg, Al­ge­ria). In all, gov­ern­ments and cor­po­ra­tions in­volved in the arms deals ap­proved by Clin­ton’s State Depart­ment have de­liv­ered over $54 mil­lion to the Clin­ton Foun­da­tion as well as hun­dreds of thou­sands of dol­lars in pay­ments to the Clin­ton fam­ily, ac­cord­ing to foun­da­tion and State Depart­ment records. o For 30% credit card in­ter­est. o Turn­ing $1,000 into $100,000 was begin­ner’s luck in cat­tle futures trad­ing, THEN had “as­sis­tance” from Tyson Food’s at­tor­ney and futures trader.

o Fired White House travel staff for fi­nan­cial im­pro­pri­eties to in­stall her own friends, THEN had to re­hire them when FBI found noth­ing but wrong­ful ter­mi­na­tion due to her false state­ments.

And guess who the Democrats of Texas voted for on March 1st to be their can­di­date?

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