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“The brisket was spot on, moist, ten­der, well ren­dered fat, and not too heavy on the smoke. The pork ribs were fan­tas­tic, too, just enough smoke, great bark with just enough black pep­per, and the meat pulled right off the bone with min­i­mal ef­fort.” - Paul V. “Its some se­ri­ous craft BBQ, soon to be a ma­jor force in the Hous­ton BBQ scene.” - Cliff E. “The BBQ at TCC (Tejas Choco­late Craftory) is so tasty that it re­quires no sauce-nei­ther to fla­vor nor moisten the meat. Most BBQ in this area I’ve found to be too dry, but not at TCC. The meat was moist, very flavorful and supremely ten­der. I be­lieve it to be the best BBQ in the Tom­ball area.” - Chris G. “Fat boy ap­proved! Ad­dict­ing. You ei­ther like Tejas or you’re wrong. Hon­estly, words es­cape me when try­ing to de­scribe just how good they re­ally are. It’s also re­fresh­ing that the own­ers are so nice.” - Heath P.

““It’s GOOD!!! and the Hot Choco­late is deca­dent!” - Alok K. “Af­ter leav­ing texas over 21 years ago to move to cen­tral Cal­i­for­nia, great bar­beque has con­tin­u­ally been the miss­ing link in my food chain.... So nat­u­rally, upon ar­riv­ing back for a visit, my best food friend Nick hur­ried me straight over to Tejas Choco­late Craftory Bar­beque... OH WOW! Bet­ter than any­thing I ever. I hon­estly haven’t en­joyed a meal since I’ve been back in Cali, I’m now dream­ing of a Brisket for Christ­mas... thanks a bunch.“- -Brian K. “Hav­ing tried and loved just about ev­ery­thing Tejas has to of­fer, it’s ob­vi­ous to me that the Hous­ton area has yet an­other heavy hit­ter in the bbq world that can go up against the best of the best. Add in top notch sides and some of the finest choco­late around and you can’t lose!” - Matt B. “Ev­ery­thing was amaz­ingly good, but next time I’m or­der­ing noth­ing but Tur­key, smoth­er­ing it with that in­cred­i­ble mole, and gonna be one happy lady for the rest of the day.” - Lynn H. “Okay folks.. The hype is real!! This new place, Tejas Choco­late Craftory is great, fan­tas­tic, and de­li­cious! Don’t let the name fool you. They have the best brisket i’ve had in hous­ton… the best. Bar­be­cue sauce is un­like any­thing i’ve had be­fore. The mole sauce is very good. The car­rot souf­fle is to die for. And the choco­late is great, es­pe­cially the hot choco­late that they sell at the front counter.” - Stephen F.

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